Last Christmas

Well where has that last 12 months gone, quite scary I’ve just recently read last years posting and realise how far I have come. Last year I was happy to be eating relatively ok, it’s only when I read the article back I can see how I have progressed.

Don’t get me wrong I still have bad eating days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week was dire. But yesterday rib-eye steak, home made chips and roast vegetables including what is now my all time favourite aubergines. Today mashed swede and carrots, savoy cabbage and sausages cooked in a mushroom and Pedro ximenz sauce (closest I get to any alcohol these days). Thoroughly enjoyed both meals, although tomorrow may be a different tale.

Weight wise I’ve put on just over 7 pounds from last Christmas, which is fine I have now stabilised. Thanks in part to cycling and no longer eating adult sized portions most days.

John and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year, especially all the wonderful NHS staff who work so tirelessly day after day including Christmas.

The blog has now had over 14000 views from all 4 corners of the world and many of you have passed comments back to me. I hope I have replied to each and every one of you and many of you still message me for hints and tips, which I am only too pleased to help. Ok we are all different and progress at differing stages but hopefully we all get there in the end.

Christmas last year due to family illness was a quiet one, just John and I with an Aldi turkey roll. This year we have 11 family members for Christmas Eve tea and 10 for Christmas dinner. I am hoping its a good food day, but at least I am still here alive and kicking raring to go.

Early January brings my long awaited appointment with my oncologist Dr Sen at Leeds Cancer centre, strangle to say I am really looking forward to seeing him. He wants to see me every January until we reach the magic 5 years. I know many of you stress when it comes to ENT appointments, maybe I am a lucky one as I don’t stress at all, in fact I look forward to a quick chat normally with Mr Gunasecker at my local hospital.

I have stopped acupuncture sessions for now, I have had 6 in total and I do think they have helped my saliva, ok it’s not normal but it’s no longer as thick and sticky as it was. Jo my acupuncturist always said 4 and see how it goes I think I’ve probably gone as far as I can for now with it.

I don’t take any medication apart from one amolodapine tablets which I took prior to treatment, and 10 mg of omaprozole for acid reflux which is a well known side effect of our treatment. I still tire easily, a 20 minute nap around lunchtime sorts me out. Most days I can walk to our shops a feat I couldn’t do last year, plus I have been lucky with my cycling I can bike a good 55 /60 km which both John and I are pleased with. Sleeping is no problem I regularly get 8/9 hours solid sleep. Reading has come back to me and I can potter in the garden, knit and crochet so all in all everything going great.

Things aren’t perfect, my mouth can go as dry as a bone for no apparent reason, I still can’t drink tap water so it’s bottled water every day. For some reason I don’t get a runny nose the nasal mucus seems to gather at the back of my throat, although I can sneeze, strange but true. I still miss most fruits, ok I can do bananas, bananas are so boring ! Much to Johns chagrin my body thermostats not quite right as far as the cold goes, so I turn the thermostat up he turns it down ! My gums are receding quicker than I thought they would, our dentist Amita is keeping a close eye on them. Last week I needed a small filling first one in years, my oral hygiene is excellent the dentist says, but it’s a side effect of dry mouth no mattter what I do it’s inevitable that I may need more dental work, but will handle that as and when.

Thinking back to last Christmas I compared my mouth when waking to be like having superglue in it, so I suppose progress can be measured by now when I wake it’s like having the glue we used as children just gloopy, here’s to next Christmas being almost normal. I do know I will never have 100% saliva due to my uvula ( dangly bit at back of throat )melting during treatment, which also acts as a saliva gland shooting saliva down the throat when we talk,and yes I talk a lot !

No matter where you are in treatment, just look at me and if I can do it anyone can .

I have come across a very informative website defiantly worth a look.

Plus a friend who I have made on the Macmillan site has her own blog about her brush with base of the tongue cancer

Onwards and upwards.

Yes I’ve had my hair cut ,it was looking scraggy so off it came.

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