Needles and Pins

Today 31 July 2019; I had my first acupuncture with Joanne at John Cox Physiotherapy centre at Upton. I have 3 more sessions booked in to try and stimulate my saliva glands into producing more saliva. Too early to pass comment, although my mouth does feel more moist so fingers x. It didn’t hurt, just a quick prick and in went the needles, it sounded like a nail gun but gentler. Took a few minutes then I was left alone for 20 minutes just lie still and chill. Will report progress on next blog.

I have been doing a little research online, again only recognised sites, details below they may help or at least explain scientific advice a little clearer.

The top one also has a small section of recipes and some survivor’s story’s, the latter one is the official British Head and Neck oncologist site where you can access the latest news and views from the professionals.

9 thoughts on “Needles and Pins

      1. hi there – I do apologise just saw this comment! I am 7 months post treatment. I am still using my PEG and only drinking a little via mouth. The radiotherapy has also buggered up my teeth of which I was immensely proud – my lower jaw all now crooked and recent biopsy of ulceration and fibroids say I am cancer free. Next week I start Hydrobaric Oxygen therapy to help heal. I can’t handle the meds they gave me for it so trying this treatment instead. I maintain my fitness by attending 4- 5 classes a week – It really is a shit of a cancer to get isn’t it . : (

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      2. Hi yes it is m how was the hydrobaric therapy ? Iagtee my teeth in lower jaw have moved I have big gaps now and the sentinel at the bottom of lower front teeth is showing as gums have receded .i have had 5 acupuncture sessions to try and resolve lack of it working I would like to think so. At moment in Spain at our rental apartment have cycled 650 km while we’ve been here. How are yiu coping now Hazel x

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      3. Hi I call it the Cancer that just keeps on giving m it’s 2 steps forward one step back. Glad your hyperbaric treatment has worked ,I do honestly think my acupuncture sessions have helped my saliva ,like you I think I you have to believe in alternative therapies and have a positive mental attitude. Fingers x for your swallow test, I had an ent consultant meeting on Tuesday and once again everything looking as it should . I am lucky as lack of saliva is my onky issue ,ok I take a 20 min nap most days but compared to you I am almost there. Sending massive hugs and look how far you have xx Hazel from a frosty cold U.K.

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      1. Acupuncture I have had one got 3 more booked in one next week then she is away so 2 more in September. To be fair she has said if after 4 no improvement not to waste my money. So will see. Hazel hope today was ok ?


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