Girl on a bicycle

This girl and some friends got on their bicycles yesterday for our planned charity bike ride. Oh yes it rained on our parade; torrential rain all day long, but we did it.At the moment fund raising stands at £1100 for Leeds St James Head and Neck cancer unit, so very pleased with that, thank you to all who have donated.

I will be updating in my anniversary at the end if August with more details of ongoing issues.

Thursday had ENT appointment at local hospital, once again I saw a locum who insisted in the camera up the nose and down the throat. I still fail to understand when I see the ENT consultant he just moves my tongue looks inside and feels my neck pronounces all is well and off I go. With the camera up I end up with extra mucus and a cough for weeks, I do ask but each time get told they have to do it.

This week I am trying an acupuncturist to see if my parotid gland can be stimulated, so will report back on next blog.

Addendum thank you to Elaine Harper for her very kind donation ,Elaine email me if you want to chat .

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