It was a very good year

Yes it was a very good year as the late Frank Sinatra and Robbie Williams sang, you may think a strange title but in many ways it was.

The photos above are from our ruby wedding in June, which to be honest this time last year I didn’t think I would see, because when you hear the big C you automatically assume the worst.

Ok I got the one thing that we all dread the big C. I also got the all clear, met some wonderful people along the way, many who are now firm friends forever. John and I have widened our circle of friends and even found out new things about each other.

The photo with me and the 2 guys Neil and Jason who were my radiotherapy partners. It was great we could all meet up in happier circumstances.

Yes I have come a long way and still have a long way to go, but looking back to the D D. Diagnosis Day to present day I have experienced the highs as well as the lows.

On Saturday 27th July which is also World Head and Neck cancer day John and I along with Neil and Jo Schofield are doing a charity bike ride. John and I in aid of funds for Leeds Cares and Neil and Jo for Macmillan. Neil and Jo are 2 of our new circle of friends from our common theme of Radiotherapy.

Update on me, weight is being maintained at around 9 stone 10 lb which is good. I keep trying different foods with limited success.

Beef of any variety apart from mince is still very much a no go, the effort eating it isn’t worth the limited calorific value. Although this week I have had success with lamb. My current favourite is oven roasted vegetables as an accompaniment to most dinners; courgettes, aubergines, garlic, onions, tomatoes drizzled with herbs and olive oil yummy. Salad is still a major issue. It just doesn’t want to slide down even with water. Just one if the many variables that us head and neck cancer patients have to face on a day to day basis. It seems that bread and chicken are 2 of the common foods that just won’t go down our throats. Toast I can eat all day but plain sandwich is still a step too far on most days.

Although when I look back like I’ve said before to the early post treatment days I am eating like a king compared to then. So don’t despair if you are in the early stages there is hope.


Just returned from quick trip to Spain, intentions were to cycle every day but the African plume heatwave put paid to that, although I did manage 175 km in total.

Cycling is still far easier than walking for me, radiation tiredness is still around, usually a quick 20 minute nap and I am fine. Today I pushed myself a little too far at home, nice day walked to the shops, several of them, the bank, chemist and library finishing up in supermarket. But I had to phone John to come in the car and get me as I wouldn’t have made the 3/4 of a mile walk back. So yes I’ve come a long way but now even 10month post radiotherapy I am still not 100%. One thing to remember we are all different some of us respond quicker than others to each stage, as I often say baby steps is the way to go.

Yes I sat on the beach what you can’t see is the huge parasol that I was under and any colour I have is fake tan, but plenty of factor 50 on my neck and factor 30 everywhere else I was perfectly fine. If I can cope with an unexpected heatwave I feel ok in any weather as 42 degrees in the shade was the highest we had. So just be sensible and life can continue as normal, ok I haven’t had an alcoholic drink but I was hardly a drinker before this so no loss to me. I did try an alcohol free lager which was ok dried my mouth out though.

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to our charity bike ride, if anyone would like to donate the link is.


This blog has now received over 8200 views since I started it last June , far exceeding my expectations as originally it was a way of me being in control of an uncontrollable situation,and a way for family and friends to hear what I was going through.Now I have had people from all over the world from Australia to Zimbabwe ,and had comments and questions from everywhere.So I hope it continues to help others

2 thoughts on “It was a very good year

  1. Hi Hazel.
    You sound fairly upbeat; that’s good to hear.

    “27th July which is also World Head and Neck cancer day” – I didn’t know that! I’ll have to see what’s happening here in Victoria, BC.

    Take care,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ken let me know if there is anything happening. I along with Neil just chose that date as it offers us hopefully a decent summer day in England. lol. Hope you are keeping up beat as well x have you made a decision on chemotherapy yet ?


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