Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Week 28 post radiotherapy and latest news is yes I’ve climbed two mountains, in each case over 1000 feet of climbing, one hard downhill and one hard uphill but the euphoric feeling of reaching the top was fantastic.

Plus have done my longest bike ride since last May, 28 Kilometers.

So to all my current readers and any new ones who are going through the ordeal of h p v 16+ tonsil cancer there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes I am still having saliva issues. I am still producing thick gunk that’s revolting and I hate spitting it out in public or in private. But yesterday whilst going uphill I felt proper saliva in my mouth. In fact it dribbled out whilst walking, it didn’t last long maybe a few minutes but was enough to give me hope. I know I have another 18 months before I will know what I will end up with as far as recovery goes but it was a big moment for me and for John, as I am sure he is fed up if me complaining daily! To help my saliva in the daytime I am chewing xylitol sugar free gum and it seems to be stimulating my saliva.

Yes it does help that we are in Southern Spain at the moment and avoiding the horrendous weather the UK is having, but we are doing as Dr Sen recommended and living our lives.

On the eating front I am eating a more varied diet, meat is still difficult, but today 2 thin lamb chops went down rather well.I am also maintaining my weight not losing any or gaining any.

Sleeping is also much better I now get in average 8 hours with maybe a 10 or15 minute wake up around 0430 no longer spending an hour cleaning my mouth just a quick rinse with bioxtra dry mouth mouthwash and a quick sip of water.

I may have mentioned previously I am missing crisps and nuts well no change there I keep trying a nibble but nope, my mouth just dries up, so small price to pay, I may never be able to eat them.

Before we came out I saw my local ENT Consultant who actually did my biopsy and I am pleased to report he was happy with my progress, no camera needed just a quick yank of my tongue to have a look and yes that hurt. I also got an answer to a question that no one could really give me before, did I have a tonsillectomy or not. The answer even surprised the consultant when he looked at his notes online, he automatically thought he had taken the right tonsil away, but much to his surprise he didn’t at the time because the cancer had spread around the soft palate and anterior wall, he did several biopsies and left some tonsil. After a good look in my mouth he said I had no tonsil left as the radiotherapy had melted what remained away !

Back to see him in on our return and will have frequent visits in the first year then progressively longer between appointments.

Below a few photos if our latest adventure, yes am using plenty of factor 50 suncream around my neck.

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