I’m still waiting

In the immortal words of Dianna Ross, “I’m still waiting” for my saliva to return!

Week 24 post radiotherapy,don’t get me wrong I am so much better than i was in the early days of recovery.

Until you experience a loss of saliva you have no idea of the work it does; from simple things like helping pass your food on down your throat to keeping your teeth clean. I appreciate I am one of the very lucky ones with oral cancer I never totally lost my tastebuds nor experienced total lack of saliva. What I have is best described in the following way. Imagine having a tube of superglue in your mouth then trying to push food and drink through it when you wake up. As the day passes the saliva glands wake up and have a few hours of nearly a normal mouth. There’s no medication or anything that can help. I am drinking copious amounts of water and yes each day it’s getting easier.

There are tablets that I’ve bought called xymelts they work up to a point but you can’t eat or drink with them in. Xylitol chewing gum helps again to a certain point but the brutal radiotherapy has done its job just up to me and my body to adapt.

Today the hair got chopped off, I didn’t want to and yes I was lucky in that my chemotherapy which was cisplatin didn’t cause total hair loss. However above the radiotherapy line it has thinned and started to look like rats tails so off it came.

Before. After

We’ve returned from a quick 19 days in Spain weather was good and bikes 152 km so deffo getting there.

See new ENT consultant at local hospital tomorrow so that will be interesting ,still see Dr Sen in Leeds but only yearly now,hoping that new one only wants me every 3 months.

Later this year John and I along with fellow cancer buddy Neil and his wife Jo are doing a charity cycle ride on 27th July which is world head and neck cancer day. So will be setting up a Just giving page,any contributions will be gratefully accepted

A guy who I have been in touch with on the cancer U.K. site has also done a blog pop along and see Ian’s blog for a male perspective of this rare cancer .


Will update as and when I have something to say.

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