All Right Now. 14th January 2019p

I had my pet ct scan on the 3rd of January, always knowing that because of Christmas and New Year the results would be today Monday 14th January. We kept ourselves busy over the last 11 days even last night no nerves. We both have had confidence in Dr Sen and his team and felt that we could take whatever he had to tell us today and move onwards .

This morning after a restless night, I blamed it on dry mouth but in real terms I knew it was crunch day for the next phase in our lives.

Fear and trepidation was in the background as we pulled off the drive to the sounds of Fields of Athentye we had already chosen that track as a tribute so our friend Will who sadly passed away a year ago yesterday and it was a song he used to enjoy singing. Will lost his 10 year battle with lymphoma when it returned with a vengeance in April 2017.

Appointment was for 12 and we already knew that the 1130 appointment was Darren who we met on the very first day at the Bexley Wing so we arranged that we would wait for each other’s results. Darren and Tracey were still sat there Dr Sen was running late, fine by us as we knew he was thorough and at 12 they got called in. Twenty minutes later with thumbs up and tears streaming Darren has got the all clear. Fantastic news hugs all the way round. Even better Neil an Jo who we met at week 3 came up as Neil had his pet ct scan today with results next week. We are all under the care of Dr Sen and Lisa another Macmillan nurse thought it was wonderful that we were supporting each other. We’ve learnt from Dr Sen Patient driven care works. He knows the science and we know our own bodies

Ok deep breath it’s our turn, Laura the Macmillan nurse came for us and Dr Sens first words were “Happy New Year are you well” I just knew it was going to be ok. He has such a wonderful patient doctor relationship. We continued to talk about yesterday afternoons Manchester United match and the wonderful performance of De Gea. Then he said to his new registrar who was looking puzzled don’t worry we always have a chat before business. Then he handed me a piece of paper with a paragraph circled stating that the Pet Ct Scan showed that the tracer had shown no signs of any cancer and I was given the All clear !

So next stage local ENT for three monthly visits and see Dr Sen next January, in his words I am sensible and old enough to shout out if I have any concerns. So now it’s live our life’s, ride our bikes and enjoy our retirement, which we fully intend to do.

After we left the consultation rooms we went down to the bowels of Bexley wing to see the nurses and receptionists as I remembered them and the radiotherapy team saying no one ever came back to them to tell them their results. So we bought some thank you cards and took them down. The delight on the receptionists faces when we told them was wonderful, they did remember me probably because I became a pain in the neck (pun intended ) as I was paranoid that I hadn’t been moved along to the next department, of course they always had done. So maybe just give a thought for thought for those you see everyday while on treatment and when you become all clear go and let them know their work has been a success. To see their faces is worth it.

If anyone reading this needs any help with their head and neck cancer questions just email me and I will be only to happy to pass my experience on.

Ok up date in the boring stuff:

Weight holding steady at 9st 7 lb which is my pre blood pressure weight.

Tablets now 2x8mg co codomol and 6 paracetamol with the aim of being paracetamol only by the weekend.

Local Dr Oye has prescribed me an 8 week course of Omaprozole for acid reflux which is working. Our bodies take such a battering it’s no wonder something has to give.

Eating 90% of normal meat is still problematic, but casseroles, sausages, pies bring it on. Strangely fish and chips need to be smothered in vinegar never in 61 years have I used vinegar on fish and chips, but your tastebuds change.

Sleeping; because I have been weaning myself off the cocodomol over the last 7 weeks the codeine is leaving my body and I have some insomnia, but have been assured it will pass.

Dry mouth; all the way through treatment I been one of the lucky ones,I never lost tastebuds or saliva fully. Dr Sen commented today how moist my mouth was. But during the night the saliva thickens and my tongue invariably sticks to the roof of my mouth and if I wake and try to free it without sipping water it makes a noise like two pieces of Velcro being parted, not pleasant. On a plus side I now can yawn bliss, it’s the little things that mean so much.

So to finish John and I would like to thank everyone for their support from 14 May 2018 the date I was put in the cancer pathway to today the 14th of January when I have been given the ALL CLEAR.

I know over the next 5 years there will be blips and bumps and maybe even lumps, the aggressive radiotherapy is bound to have some long term effects but we will meet them head on with the help of family and friends as we have done so far.

So once again thank you for reading my ramblings if I have helped people along the way so much the better, I will keep,it running and update when there is something to report .

Today I have come across the following article : look online it’s by a Dr Peter Harvey Leeds Hospital Trust.

After the treatment-what happens next,it’s very true and accurate.

One thought on “All Right Now. 14th January 2019p

  1. We are so delighted for both of you that you got the all clear today. For you Hazel because you have fought a brave and inspirational fight and for you John because you have supported Hazel to the end and back and through it all. Team Turner rules. Enjoy all that is to come here and in Spain. We look forward to enjoying some happy times with you both. Much love always Sue and Dave xxxx🤗❤️

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