Food glorious Food!

As promised quick update :

Unfortunately one member if our party of 8 Christmas Eve let me know they had a cold, seeing as my scan is booked for next week and i have waited 4 months for it we took the decision to stay at home rather than jeopardise anything,

The rest of the party went ahead as booked and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the meanwhile we cobbled together a decent Christmas meal, which we surprisingly enjoyed. It was an Aldi rolled turkey breast. Ok not our usual fayre but for some reason we had picked one up a few days days earlier with a jar of goose fat, roast potatoes need goose fat. I ate appx 80% so was well pleased .

For pudding as the next line of the song goes cold jelly and custard!!!!!!!

Ok I didn’t eat the usual Christmas calories of 6000 that most people would have done, but I ate my dinner whilst it was warm and didn’t need copious amounts of water to wash it down. If a month ago anyone would have told me I could eat the above I would have bet against it, but to all you out there starting treatment or in the middle of it or like me in recovery there is light at the the end if the tunnel. Ok we all will get there at differing times but I hope my blog gives everyone some hope.

Another plus point I reduced another co codomol today from 30mg to 8 mg, baby steps but every day is a forward step now.

So the lesson to, learn for everyone is our immune systems are fragile, colds are the last thing any of us need while battling our way to recovery. Ok we were disappointed as we had been looking forward to going out, but it would have been worse if we got to restaurant and met our party there only to discover one had cold. Not everyone thinks that we are still fragile when we are recovering but we are. The restaurants we can always go again, the scan is too important to miss .

My next post will be after results day.

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