Do they know it’s Christmas?

I have used this title because “The greatest gift I’ll get this year is life “.

We would like to wish all the hardworking NHS staff frontline and behind the scenes a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We can’t express our gratitude enough ok cards and flowers and thanks we’re all given but what price is life.

Latest update on my progress :

Oramorph now finished, reduced it over a period of weeks like I was told to do 1 mil at a time. Still taking the co codomol but slowly reducing those, at the moment I am taking in a 24 hour period 6 x30 mg and 2x 8 mg will leave as they are until after Christmas as I have learnt that slowly is the way to go.

I am maintaining my weight at 9st 9 lb which is what I was a few years ago and quite happy to remain at this weight . 90% of my calories are now coming from food and it no longer takes me 45 mins to eat , ok the portions aren’t adult size but have learnt little and often is the way to go. A typical day may be :

Breakfast: Toasted fruit tea cake with melted cheese.

Lunch: Meat and potato pie 1/2 of one with plain beetroot, banana.

Evening meal: Casseroles with mash and Yorkshire puddings.

In between I have ice cream, cake and custards, dipped biscuits into coffee, anything to keep the calorie intake up as if I eat I feel much better.

The Ensure drinks I use when taking tablets, my drink choice still limited to mineral water occasionally peppermint tea and one latte a day. When I look back I can see how far I have come since the early days if feeling elated over a mug of Knorr chicken noodle soup minus the noodles.! But to anyone starting treatment I hope reading my blog gives you some hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel ?

Whilst I’ve been having my naps John has been busy making Mehmet, Ben and Alicia better known as my Oncologist, radiographer and nurse at St James so I will have a permanent memory of them although I will forever be in their debts.

The next big milestone is my PET CT Scan on the 3rd of January followed by results on the 14th of January. At my last appointment Dr Sen was confident the cancer has gone so I am taking the lead from him and remaining vigilant and confident.

My radiation burn on my tongue eventually healed at week 13 post radiotherapy, I now can stifle a yawn, just waiting for the day when I can do a full yawn. Dry mouth in the night still plagues me but it is still early days, my routine in the night is now minutes as opposed to the early days of at least an hour. Trying a new mouthwash bioxtra which is very very mild and so far good.

I will update the blog in the New Year, in the meantime thank you everyone, family friends and all the people who have taken time to read my ramblings, I have had over 1900 viewings in a short space of time.

I set out to do this blog to help me by writing it down for family and friends to save me repeating myself and if I have helped one person to fight this terrible illness it has done more than I could have hoped for.

All that remains is for John and I to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Do they know it’s Christmas?

  1. Your so strong .. you brought me to tears . It’s days I feel I can’t go on . I’m killing my self I know it’s bad but I still continue and tell my self this the last cigarette . And I got right back to buy another pack .. looking at your pics with you biking is so inspirational .


    1. Thank u pack the cigarettes in save the money and it will soon mount up. Positive mental attitude just tell yourself I am not smoking today I may do tomorrow but that’s another day. Glad I inspire you
      Hazel x


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