Back home

Back home a fabulous 18 days on the Mar Menor, we returned home the 13th of November. Careful timing of the return journey enabled tablets to be taken and doze on the return flight. Being careful not to drop off too deeply as didn’t fancy trying to unstick my mouth in an airplane loo!

I was anxious before we left, but so glad we managed to get out there. Ok it wasn’t a holiday as most people would take, very little eating out (only tried once and it was too embarrassing for all concerned), called for the odd coffee and pretended to drink it but in reality far too strong, and definitely no alcohol or sunbathing. But after 10 days I surprised John and we went in the first of several bike rides, the feeling of freedom words can’t express.

Met with Helen my Macmillan nurse and Becky my dietician both were pleased with my progress and I do feel day to day differences, not huge ones but 12 weeks post radiotherapy and last night I managed 8.5 hours solid sleep not once did I wake. Massive improvement from the dark early days, (for all of you starting your event there is light at the end if the tunnel).

On Monday I had my final consultation of this year with Dr Sen at St James, he was pleased with my progress and did a thorough neck examination, answered diligently my myriad of questions all with a resounding Yes. My pet ct scan date will be early January with the results around the 14th of January and then would want to see me in his words for a chat every 6 months. So not worrying about the scan I can’t influence it one way or another all I can do is carry on as I have done from the start.

Travel insurance difficult one to get anyone to cover me for tonsil cancer looking at over£1500 for a months cover! We go for longer so that’s proving difficult, Bupa will insure both if us for annual policy 90 days a time excluding tonsil cancer for £245 so for now until we know what’s happening with brexit and the EHIC cards think that’s what we will have to do. Not going long haul so if I feel any twinges it’s hop in a plane home .

I have started gradually to reduce my tablets but baby steps nothing too drastic, ibuprofen first, reducing oramorph for the last week or so then reduce the co codomol to 8/500 then just to paracetamol. But like Dr Sen said do not do it at the expense of feeling pain, so be sensible about doing it. My naps now consist of 2 x20 minute power naps lunch and tea time .

Eating wise I am eating more than 50% of required calories from real food the remainder Ensure drinks, but they are getting less every day,

Typical days food

Breakfast Muesli soaked over night in milk and Ensure .

Coffee with 2 biscuits dipped in to soften, not my usual style but needs must.

Lunch cheese on toast or boiled /poached egg, tinned fruit with ice cream. Can’t do fresh fruit yet.

Coffee again with 2 biscuits.

Tea Salmon fillet baked in oven roast cauliflower, roast potatoes or mash with lurpack.

Slice of Swiss roll or custard slice with ice cream to help it slip down.

The 2 celebration or hero chocolate as a treat.

I drink peppermint tea and mineral or soda water during the day and have 3/4 bottles of Ensure some days less depends how well I’ve eaten. One thing I do is keep a record of calories consumed, strange after spending a lifetime of making sure I don’t eat too many calories for a complete reversals to ensure I eat enough!

Todays biggest achievement I finally got my highlights done !!!!!!! and you can see my radiation hair loss is growing back.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog,if I have helped people all the better.I will continue to update and looking forward to Christmas Day not saying how much I will eat but at least I am here to eat it which can only be a bonus. We wish a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to everyone with special thank you to our wonderful NHS and family ,friends and new friends we have made on the way .

One thought on “Back home

  1. What a difference time has made since your last treatment day. Your posts have always been positive which is why you are such an inspiration but you can see the light beginning to shine through on this post. You are looking and sounding so much better and that is a joy to witness. Both you and John deserve to see some light and better days. Spain did you both good. It’s obvious why so many people read your blog and you are both an inspiration to Dave and I and if you 2 can do it then so can we. Love and hugs as always ❤️🤗 Sue and Dave xx

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