Bring me sunshine.

Today 17 October I feel like I have returned from the dark side of the moon.

Unlike Apollo 13 whose mission lasted 87 hours from the first explosion to touchdown in the sea, I have been 1128 hours or 47 days. Today I feel like I have turned a corner and earth has returned once more to being part of my existence.

It’s been a difficult time, but I have been helped along by a wonder team at St James whose care I will continue to be in for the next 5 years. Also the Macmillan team at Pinderfields led by Helen Chadwick Macmillan Larynx Cancer and Tracheostomy Nurse, alongside Nina Corfield Speech and Language specialist and Becky Dewhurst dietician.

I have nicknamed them The Chorus Line who from initial diagnosis day are with you once treatment finishes. Nothing is too much trouble for them whether it’s a cuddle a check on how John was coping, who bless him always gave his stock reply as “it’s not happening to me is it!” We have laughed we have cried and think there will be a little more of that has time goes on. I have said to the team please feel free to use this blog as a learning tool, pass it in to any other patients, if it only helps one other person it’s been worth doing it.

The Chorus line.

Today I saw the local doctor at our surgery who set me on this long and winding road on 14th May Dr Oyedayo Oyekole who was kindness personified. Ihave had a few misunderstandings with the surgery mostly over prescription issues which hopefully have now been resolved. I fully understand the surgery’s are busy with the amount of people that they have to treat, errors don’t occur deliberately but when they do it’s incumbent for people to notify the practise so procedures can be put in place to improve (long live the NHS and all those who work in it).

Today I feel like I can do what the header of today’s blog says; Bring me Sunshine, hopefully we will get away soon. I know no sun for me on the radiation area but have always been a factor 30 girl anyway.

Top tips for anyone with cancer that effects the mouth, an illuminated magnifying mirror to attach to main mirror in the bathroom you can keep your mouth so much cleaner. I have had issues with drinking all along, in the early hours of this morning 17/10/18 my boiled tap water tasted of chalk and sucked every drop of moisture from my mouth so I tried boiling mineral water. What a revelation so use Mineral water for everything even if it means 2 kettles his and hers ! The difference has been amazing .

Be prepared for a long haul there is no quick fix every patient is unique, but as Dr Sen said on day one if you are going to get cancer it’s the one to get. Treatment is horrendous but results are excellent, providing you stay the course .

Thank you once again to all our family friends and well wishers, we’ve met some wonderful people on the way and will continue with the blog. Updates to follow soon.

5 thoughts on “Bring me sunshine.

  1. So glad Hazel you feel as though you are emerging and that sunshine is round the corner. You deserve it for all you have gone through and for the brave fight you have and are still enduring and John does too for being your rock and right hand man. You have always been a unique team. Hope the mineral water works and you never know you may start a new trend re his and hers kettles!!! I hope today’s visit to your GP has ironed out many of the problems you have faced and smoother visits will be experienced in the future. Well done you and so so pleased for you and John. Sending ❤️ and 🤗 to you both. Sue and Dave xx

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  2. Well done you!
    I do hope you get away you so deserve it as does John, your rock, your tower, your steady rudder in a stormy sea.
    So pleased you have discovered mineral water and it works – a revelation.
    Yes sunshine is most definitely going to shine on you. Xx
    All hail the NHS and woe betide anyone who tries to make it go private!!!
    Sending loads of love and hugs. Xx

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    1. Thank you my dear friend ,cases and medication all picked oncologist gave me his blessing n a hug on Monday. Today been in quite a bit of pain but am ok now Lisa n Karen coming in morning .look forward to seeing your pictures of South America xx


  3. Raz … been following your treatment ….. you have done it ….. BRILLIANT …… well done and top makes on the blog ….. you now have to keep this going as your cancer journey only begins with the treatment process ….. chapter two will cover your recovery, ups, down, does, don’ts and tips. But for now REST if you will let yourself. You and your body have been through a lot, sleep rest and look after yourself in the coming weeks post treatment. Xxxxxxxxxx VATCH xxxxxxxx

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    1. Hi thank you your comments mean such a lot. I dream of food but like you think Christmas Day will be target day ,for a child size portion.
      My main problem is the radiation zone on the side of my tongue ! I have full taste never touch wood lost it. But omg something’s kill like u say ok one day murder the next. Thank heaven for soda water ! It’s really the inky thing I can drink.
      Enjoy your weekend we’ve got family coming fir pizza n cake as it’s hubbys 60;th soon xxxx keep in touch Hazel


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