The road to hell.

Week 6

Radiotherapy 31/35 extra one this week !

Chemotherapy 2/2 not doing 3.

Weight 10 st 8 lb

Throat 3.5/10 secretions and drinking taking its toll.

Always knew week 6 would be hard, and it has been the pain level, increased this week Ora morph now being taken on a regular basis at least every 4 hours nurses say can do every 2 hours if I need to.

Sleeping, lucky if I get a constant 3 hours, then on waking it takes up to an hour to clear secretions, the nebuliser helps but ulcers are back and tongue sticks to roof of mouth so vicious circle. Dr Sen warned it would be tough and he wasn’t joking. I can still take tablets and liquids orally but apart from soggy cereal very little food is being eaten. There are only so many eggs that you can eat without dire consequences along with the medication the loo can be problematic to say the least.

Meet the receptionist team

They are only a small team, think 6 of them but every morning they greet every person with a smile and a how are you. I have on a few occasions asked to change my appointments and always try to help. I also apologise for constantly checking that I have been passed on to the next department and asking where in the scheme if things am I in the treatment room. I wouldn’t want to miss my turn! Lol. I really want to know how many are in front if me.

Friday we said goodbye to Jason and Michelle Stewart, Jason had his last treatment and we were there to cheer him on. You become part of an exclusive little group, we have exchanged phone numbers and keep in touch passing tips along as we go. Good luck Jason and Michelle on the next part of recovery, and yes we will meet up for a drink and food before Christmas.

A quick word for the speech and swallow team, especially Emma from Australia, I must apologise the exercises have gone on the back burner this week, I promise I will get back on track. But in the meantime I can still touch my nose with my tongue ulcers permitting.


Tuesday 22 August was a bitter sweet day, it was the day we should have been setting off for Santander for our next visit to Spain. Instead it was meeting with Dr Sen to decide on the next part of treatment. Going back to our very first meeting in July it was always talked about only 2 chemotherapy treatments being used and due to the cancer being caused by HPV16+ and all the studies that have been done alongside the decision led by me was taken not to do the 3r. I had been very lucky with the previous 2 and like Dr Sen explained it was possible that I could end up in hospital at the end if treatment due to various problems ie kidney function, hydration levels even neutropenia. Radiotherapy has always been the main course of treatment with chemotherapy being the extra boost and 2 has given me the best chance .

Due to bank holiday Monday I was given 6 sessions of radiotherapy this week with the added bonus of Ben and Tara being the radiographer’s on duty today. Their caring goes way beyond what it should be, nothing is too much trouble for any of them and they always have a smile on their faces. I’ve said it elsewhere on this blog, caring sharing are 2 adjectives that couldn’t describe me, ruthless business women is more apt! Hence my career choice. But today as an added bonus John was given the privilege of coming in with me while I was strapped to the table.

The neck continue to get more damage although the nurses and radiotherapy team all say it’s looking very good and once treatment over should recover quickly. The burns dressings and tape do help but at £70 a roll of bandage and £25 a roll of tape you have to wonder who makes a profit from the NHS! It doesn’t take long and you can see where the ballpark figure of £250,000 for my treatment comes from.

Next week 4 sessions and the dreaded week 7!

So when you are reading this just think of me all I ask for is a simple cold glass of soda water and a cheese sandwich, it doesn’t even have to be on artisan bread, I would settle for 2 slices of Warburtons finest!Top photo not my finest hour,bottom photo a few hours later. Just goes to show how brutal this treatment is but as long as cure is the outcome bring it on!

2 thoughts on “The road to hell.

  1. Excellent and honest account of week 6 Hazel but such a gruelling one for you. Was relieved to see the few hours later photo . That looked more like the Hazel we all know and love if a bit on the tired side. Hang in there girl you are doing great and you can survive this brute. 💕💕💕


  2. Almost climbed that mountain Haze and you know you have the best team behind you starting with your lovely family. Dig in girl you can do this and then it’s on to the Dr Who part. Soda and cheese sandwich are there just waiting as is that ferry or flight to Spain. Will see you soon – sending love hugs and most of all our prayers and those of the A team in York !! Xxxx

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