I don’t like Mondays !

Week 4

Radiotherapy 20/35.

Chemotherapy 2/3 seems like we are doing 3.

Weight 10st13 lb dropped 3.

Throat 7/10 Ulcers run my life and limiting the capabilities of drinking anything cool.

Meet some of the J80 chemotherapy angels who work such long hours .

On Monday my day started at 0500 up doing the regular oral care and we got home at 2115 that evening. It was possible that my chemotherapy was going to be changed to carbo platin but then was decided to leave me as I was. So it fell to a poor registrar on her very first day in Oncology to do the running around to get everything in place so thank you Dr Zsuzsanna Ebozue and welcome in my opinion to the best cancer centre in the World leading in the fight against this disease.

Sweet Talking Guys

Dr Mehmet Sen back from his well deserved holiday, oh boy was I pleased to see him on Tuesday, he was also pleased with my progress so far. Not sure if he will feel the same this Tuesday I can now say the pain and discomfort has well and truly set in with a vengeance.

Also good bye to the young doctor who was with me on my first diagnosis at St James on the 2nd July Dr Mertin Fignet who flew back to Istanbul on Friday and starts night shift on Monday. Good luck I am sure you will make a successful oncologist.

It’s been a week of down and downs, the drinking and eating is no easier, tepid water and tepid de caff green tea, but nothing quenches the thirst. Like wise food is getting harder not the swallowing action that’s fine just the mere thought of eating is extremely painful. I am well aware of the need to try and maintain or limit the weight loss but if there are no improvements I can see the nasal tube being fitted by the end if next week.

Everyone said after week 4 it gets worse they are certainly right. I am still eating, admittedly probably not enough. A Fresubin protein drink took 45 minutes this morning to get down they just sap every particle of liquid from my mouth. I am trying to get 3 of these down now to keep calories up but it isn’t easy.

Two days off at the weekend will be spent mostly in bed with my new found humidifier a gods send thank you Nikki in Middlesex once again. We do belong to a rather exclusive little club and everyone helps with tips and hints. Together we will beat this dreadful cancer. We’ve just got to remain strong in the face of extreme adversity.

Finally those of you who know me well I am a factor 30 sun cream on a normal day so I suppose inevitably I was going to get radiation burns. Nurse spotted it yesterday and I came home with burns unit type bandages to try and take the heat and sting out. So I have to leave them on all the time, green puss as well so apologies if i smell as the green gunk is good so Nurse says.!

Yes it looks like a j-cloth but at £70 a small roll don’t think I will be cleaning the bathroom with it !

Tune in next week,week 5.

6 thoughts on “I don’t like Mondays !

  1. My wonderful sister in law is so brave. I feel for you Hazel. You inspire others and I know you are fighting hard. The blog is always good to read but highlights all to well what you and others are going through. As you say you will beat this dreadful cancer. ❤️🤗


  2. Getting into the depth of it now but you are progressing! Keep that in mind you are that one week nearer to your goal. You are doing so well xxx


    1. Hi ken fresubin is called 2k because it’s 2 calories per mil so a 200 mil bottle is 400 calories to be totally honest ti start with they are very thick n gloopy n horrid. I used to stand at kitchen sink fix point in garden and drink would take me 15 mins to drink one. You have to do trial and error done I just couldn’t stomach the chocolate n cappuccino ones at first fruits if forest I could tolerate. Had trouble with my g p practice paying for them as well due to high cost. It wanted to give me a 500 mil with 200 calories umm what part can’t u get I said note liquid less calories no way eventually hospital stored in. Eventually I changed to ensure as I found the taste better vanilla strawberry or banana. In fact I still have at least one Ensure a day even now to supplement my diet.
      Fir my feeding tube that came direct from manufacture via delivery and seeing as it went straight into tummy it didn’t matter how it tasted. Although tummy did shrink in first few weeks and could only tolerate 300 mil of feed at s time.
      Hope this helps.
      How are you feeling as time is treating near ?


    1. Hi ken John wouldn’t let me ride my bike he bought me s set if rollers that I could fix my own bike to. Much better than exercise bikes. I would do 6 km most days up to week 3 when the fatigue set in. The next time I got on it was in Spain 8 weeks after radiotherapy finished. For first 3 weeks I would go to supermarket with John and visit my daughter. Otherwise we are told to avoid too much interaction with others for fear of getting s cold etc which is sensible as bodies are taking s bartering. I was very very lucky never had as much as a sniffles although I only had 2 chemo sessions John would quarantine me on s Friday until the Monday for chemo just in case.
      I had no bouts if sickness or the runs. I stuck religiously to what the drs told me and I was ok as ok can be when going through treatment xx


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