The mean machine ,VMAT targeted radiotherapy or beam me up Scotty.

Friday 27th July 2018

Week 2

Radiotherapy 10/35.

Chemotherapy 1/3.

Weight11st 2lb holding steady.

Throat 9.3/10 noticing itchy and scratchy.

Still eating normally and drinking plenty of water.

Starting this weeks blog with a nod of gratitude to all NHS staff frontline and behind the scenes .

I am pleased that Leeds St James is carrying on the Hello my name is ….. campaign that the late Doctor Kate Granger M.B.E from Wakefield started in 2013 .It really does make a difference to you when you are being moved from one treatment to another.

Plus my team of radiotherapy angels on machine 2 and 3 this week thank you for indulging my Freddie Mercury cds and my little rituals. You are all brilliant.

St James Leeds is a world renown centre in the care of cancer patients and this has to be down to the staff attitudes from walking in the door to leaving the car park. Everyone has a look that says they care , I always remember at school doing careers and knew that nursing wasn’t for me those of you who know me well will agree with me that caring touchy-feely sympathiser are not adjectives that would describe me.

I am definitely selfishness, self centred and a planner hence my career choice of business travel give me the cut throat of the travel business any day over the needle and scalpel.

Don’t get me wrong I have and will fight to the ends of my earth for family but nursing was never on the cards for me ,didn’t even have a nurses outfit as a child.

Day to day routine now need at least 45 mins to do my oral care morning and night .I was prescribed gelclair on Tuesday a oral suspension to coat the inside of my mouth to protect and heal the ulcers that have started to form ,they don’t hurt at moment they are more of an irritant. nothing to drink then for 30 minutes then breakfast then high fluoride toothpaste with a soft baby toothbrush no rinse then leave on. Then sobraderm the neck as 3 rd degree burns are possible and I am a factor 30 girl at the best if times and so far it’s working

What I am doing is treating this 7 week period as work so in true travel agent style i wear a uniform more or less black crop trousers and T shirts,saves the hassle of what do,I wear or John hearing me say I have nothing to put on ! Then accessorise it with the obligatory scarf ,( thank you to dear sister in law for loan of lots of scarves). My preference in clothing materials tends to black Lycra with SKY written across it,(counting the days to a meaningful bike ride).

I am breaking the days and weeks into bite size chunks ,treating this period of 7 weeks as being away on location then when treatment over in Leeds the strings are cut with the hospital that will be recovery time at home.Fully aware that after the last zap of the machine the radiotherapy and chemotherapy will still be active and that’s when I go over to the dark side awaiting reemergence.More of that later!

In the meantime it’s the next to last day of the Tour de France so going to couch potato and cheer Geraint Thomas on.

3 thoughts on “Changes.

  1. Very positive blog yet again. You ooze inspiration. I will loan you whatever you need if I have it anything to help along the way. ❤️Hope you enjoyed cheering Geraint Thomas on no doubt you will be tuned in tomorrow.

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