The Mask

Wednesday 4th July

Please meet “Venizia” my bespoke life saving mask. This event is going to hurt her more than me.

Yes it’s scary but the Leeds mould room team are brilliant. They work so quickly talking and moulding, its all over in 10mins. If your treatment allows eyes to be cut out, I would say go for it, will explain why later.

But yes this is Venezia, named after Venice the land of the masked balls and as I keep saying to John, we will throw her in the Grand Canal after she has done her work which is to direct the beams and keep me safe and cancer free.  Or in Johns words “hang her on the gate and guarantee no kids knocking on our door at Halloween”!! Yes, on the last day I get to keep her, we’re currently looking at that being 4th September .

The type of radiation that I will be having is VMAT, a bending laser that targets the cancer cells directly hopefully preserving as much healthy tissue without causing too much damage. Leeds St James are world leaders in this field so that bodes well, I have every confidence in the people around me .

Plus I always knew I was special!  I didn’t realise how special until I discovered mine is quite a rare cancer, with approximately 450 cases in the U.K. with my attributes. Good prognosis’s but rocky road through treatment, but positivity helps. Plus I have been in contact with people on the Cancer U.K. site who have been through it and are going through it and together we will be stronger.

Thank you Vatch, Newleywed, Nikki, John, Legionairre, Paula and anyone who’ve I’ve missed already.

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