In the summertime!

16th July 2018.

Radiation 35/35

Chemotherapy 3/3

Weight 11st 5 lb never ever been so heavy!!!

Throat comfort out of 10 =10.

Chemotherapy ward J80 0830 for treatment to start. cheerful enough ward, staff once again brilliant massage type chairs armed with I Pad ,kindle ,books , newspaper water let the event begin.

3 hours saline ,steroid injection interesting lunch perfectly edible .Ps sent John home at 0930 we have this agreement we don’t do hospital s !!! in starts the chemotherapy lots of loo trips drinks well hot water i provide Tea bags. Radiotherapy team ring for me not allowed to go while chemo going was going in.John came back 1600 saline drip put in then 1700 make my way to Radiotherapy just get there when gormless the drip (yep personalised the drip) stopped working , umm ok need a nurse as if I have to wait it will prolong the day .Two mins later back on track into the radiotherapy suite and say good afternoon to Venezia give my CD to the nurses get strapped in and blast away.

From entering to exiting 15 mins and once again commended in my ability to lay still.

Home for 2000 tired but day one done .Plus given steroids anti sickness pills movicol ( nice ) but definitely needed later in the week.

Today is Saturday this week no adverse reactions so that’s a plus ,eating and drinking no major change ,the bubbles in soda water is irritating slightly.

Thursday the chemotherapy and radiation kicked in on the Bowel front ,too much information but the Movicol sufficed.enough said on that subject.

So that’s it rest of the week radiotherapy only ,the drive to Leeds is probably the worst part you just can’t judge it anything from 90 mins to 45 so here hoping the school holidays will make a difference.

The radiotherapy team and the chemotherapy team from receptionist to staff are all excellent I have heard the words Angels used for them and it’s apt.

I am under no illusion that far worse into come especially anything after the dreaded weeks 4-8 but am handling in bite size chucks .

So watch this blog for more updates as the events unfold.

Day one chemo ward

Radiotherapy 30/35 done

Chemotherapy 1/3 done

Weight 11st 2lb loss 3 lab.

Throat 9.5/10 slight scratching on right side

Eating and drinking ok at the moment, swallowing exercises done several times a day.

One thought on “In the summertime!

  1. This blog is a brilliant idea Aunty Hazel, I’ve brought Sean up to speed and we both send our love. You’re doing brilliantly and we know you will kick ass!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½


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