Pre diagnosis.

Hi these are the words no one wants to write but deep breath and away we go.

We have both retired and are spending time in the Murcia region if Spain generally living the good life , renting an apartment long term still keeping feet firmly in the U.K. no way do we want to spend our retirement away from family and friends just enjoy dipping and out if 2 differing worlds.

So get ready for the event I am not calling it a journey as journey means travel this is definitely a life changing event .

So calling all budding film directors Scarlett Johannson please as lead female role and an Oscar or golden Grammy at the very least please .

Monday 19 th March went for a walk good 4 hour hike round the local Salinas, got back and unusual for me went for a 3 hour nap. Only tablets taken are to control high blood pressure , 1 x 5mg a day tablet.We cycled over 1100kms whilst in Spain on our pedal bikes, no electric bikes for us oldies and done a Cat 1 one mountain that has been used on the Vuelta Spanish main bike race am not a racer I am a plodder. I am not fat I am fairly fit . Haven’t smoked since 2003 when then it was 10:a day if not less haven’t drunk since 2009 headaches were too much so soda water my drink if choice.

Next morning I thought umm must have pulled a muscle in my neck it felt sore it has been windy with a prevailing wind in right shoulder predominantly. So off we set for a nice 35 km trundle up the coast.

Looking forward to spending 12 days with our daughter Nicola son in law Mel and grandson James was planning and plotting things to do but this niggle was still there .

Fast forward they arrived 26/th March had a good Easter got on the beach most days intermixed with with walking cycling and sightseeing. Then just before they were due to leave we were eating and I stood up made a speech and said sorry for spoiling your holiday by me being ill. 4 faces looked at me in aghast followed by what you talking about nothing’s changed.

Ok drama over , but soon they left we picked a good friend up at airport who is going through skin cancer and just having lost herhusband if 40 years to lymphoma .

So I asked her to,have a quick look as by then mid April a small pea had appeared above the collar bone , I resisted Dr Google .well maybe a sneak peak. She looked and I saw a frown umm could be anything when are you due home which was 3 weeks away. I didn’t feel ill no problems swallowing riding my bike doing everyday stuff no nights sweats no weight kids nada zilch. So called at pharmacy they had a look and said we could give antibiotics but if infection best to ket your body sort out. Ok I had explained all the above and started gargling with apple cider vinegar and honey.But at no time had I had a sore throat as in 2003 that drs had misdiagnosed tonsillitis which turned into quinsies not once but twice in a 48 hour period had my throat lanced. So I was told I would always have a weakness there so I would have come home if need be. I don’t mess with my throat .

We met our dear friends Pat and Nigel biked with them went out for meals with Lynn our friend and her uncle life was good.

Johns sister Sue and hubby Dave came over for a week had a great time showing them a glimpse of our other world. By the end of our trip we had cycled 1100kms walked miles and generally were well rested . We drove back to Santander already planning a cheeky 2 week break in late June before our September adventures never imagining what the next 2 months would bring .

9 thoughts on “Pre diagnosis.

  1. What a brave beautiful lady…….yes lady……….you are. Your wicked sense of humour is a shining example of how to kick Larry the lump up the arse. Xxxx


  2. This is a wonderful diary .. thank you for sharing . Day 2 of 33 radiation treatments for larynx cancer no spread . Not me my husband 😢 . Tried to keep away from google but I’m pleased I stumbled across you. I’m not going to show him but now I am a little bit more prepared with how I can help him as the oncologist said the treatment will be nasty. I’m glad you are all better now and continue to be cancer free. Ginny x x


    1. Hi Ginny
      Thank you for your kind comments. To be honest I started the blog for me and our family has a means of communication with them. But also if I can help anyone all the better I found it was the only way I felt I had any control of what is out if my control. Agree keep away from dr google as my oncologist said to me he could diagnose himself dead in 5 mins on there. The info stats are at least 10 years old and medicine as come on in leaps and bounds in that time.
      Where about s are you ? If you don’t mind telling me. My blog as reaches over 4500 views from Australia to Zimbabwe ! Which I never started out to do but like I said if I ca help anyone with anything I will do.
      If you need anything just email me and I will get back to you.

      Good luck dig in it can be done
      Hazel x


      1. Hi Ginny you are welcome ,we live near PontefractvWest Yorkshire all I can say is thank god we have the NHS ,ok at grassroots level we all complain but at cancer level we are world leaders .I met a friend (now she is ) through the cancer U.K. forum she lives at bishop store does and has choice of UCH Middlesex I’d Addenbrookes she chose UCH where is your hubby being treated ?
        Any questions just ask.
        On the cancer U.K. forum there is a good thread by Ian aka Anchor1707 titles Radiotherapy For Throat Cancer pop on and feel free to read or ask questions .i found talking to people did help even I’d only via online . hope round 3 gone ok.


  3. Hello Roz/Hazel
    I just wanted to thank you for posting your journey. I am just 6 weeks post radiotherapy, cancer of the soft palate. I steered clear of google until near the end of treatment but then became increasingly curious about what to expect post treatment. So I started looking for relevant information and that’s how I came across your blogs. It has given me reassurance about how my recovery is progressing, quite similar to yours but you had it worse! There is so little info out there from a ‘human’ perspective, it is blogs like yours that mean so much.

    For instance I got told to expect a dry mouth. Doesn’t sound that bad until you get to experience exactly what those few words mean. I totally get your description of ‘velcro’ tongue! 😉. That’s only one of your many observations that I can relate to.

    Good health Hazel and I am hoping for a positive outcome for myself. Saw the Consultant Friday for a post treatment review and he said that we would be looking after you for the next 5 years. I took from that they we expecting me to last at least 5 years.. 🤞.

    Stay well 🤗



    1. Hi Lori thank you for your kind words. Now 10 month post radiotherapy dry mouth n tiredness still with me but just celebrated our ruby wedding s day I never thought i would see this time last year !! Xx good luck and let me know how u get on
      Hazel xx


  4. I had tongue and throat cancer, I had to have 37 radiation treatments and I lost almost 90 pds, I don’t ever feel good anymore, I know the feeling about the way you talk about your mouth feeling mine hurts so bad at times, thank you so much for sharing your story with everyone, I’ll keep praying for you, and God bless you, you are a very beautiful lady,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ethel,Thank you for your very kind words .yes no one can understand how we feel you just don’t realise what our mouths do! There so much I took for granted and when trying to explain to people it’s so hard ,hence why I did the blog .How far into recovery are you ? Are you in the U.K. or elsewhere .
      Take care Hazel


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